Making Space for Welcomes

I’ve decided 2015 is the Year of Creating. So, I’ve been busy lately making space for “welcomes” in my life.

rainbow scoutNYC Little Scouts

I’ve recently taken initiative to start a group called NYC Little Scouts Troop 212. The group’s vision is to create a safe, fun, social & educational space for persons, from little – Big, age player and non-age players alike, of any gender, identification, and orientation in the kink subculture. This group is based on a scout troop model, mostly with age players and animal players in mind, with a minor uniform element, earned merit badges, field trips, and regular meetings. What it is not, is that in NO way is this group related or affiliated to Girl Scouts or Boy Scouts of America. It is with great joy that I have begun this undertaking of forming and organizing events for this *little* niche of our kinky subculture.

So far we have our first monthly meeting scheduled and our first social outing. The monthly meeting will be a basic ice breaker gathering, so I thought it would be appropriate to make the theme an Ice Cream Social! Our first outing will be at the Brooklyn Museum where there will be events surrounding the celebration of Black History Month. We will be enjoying sophisticated jazz, watching a film, and doing some hands-on art. Also of interest at the museum is an exhibition Killer Heels.

I’m looking forward to organizing more trips in NYC to such places as the botanical gardens, zoos, outdoor ice skating areas, parks, and more!

Networking CartoonMunches & Social Gatherings

I went to a fun munch in Queens that meets at Saints and Sinners Bar recently.  I had plans to meet someone new there that I had traded messages with online.  To feel safer about the meet, I had contacted one female and a one male friend who had RSVP’s for the event to see if there were definitely going. That way I would have at least one friendly and familiar face nearby. I got there first, but my friend Zoe who runs the SSASE, a social and educational women’s submissive group showed up soon after. I am so glad I contacted her and made plans to meet her there, because when we started talking and I told her the name of the person I met online and was planning to meet she informed me that several women have relayed experiences that were what we call Red Flag behavior to her in regard to this person. That person did eventually arrive, and I was civil, but I kept my distance. Luckily I avoided an encounter with a potentially dangerous person in the scene and coincidentally I met a few really wonderful people as well. This goes to show you, no matter how long you have been in the scene, it’s always good to ask around about people and vet them the best you can. Having spent time, years, in the scene, doesn’t mean we can assume we are “safe” from creepy people or predators, not even at what the scene considers to be “safe” places like a munch. The rest of the people there seemed like very cool people and I was glad I went. We had a small private room, the food was good (I recommend the fish and chips), our own private waitress who was very pleasant, and a crowd of about 30 people. I very much enjoyed myself and a week later I bumped into someone I met here at another kink social. If you ever want to venture to Queens I recommend this munch as its hostess GB does a wonderful job of making everyone feel welcome.

This past Saturday I went to Eric Pride’s social gathering at Pars Grillhouse. This is where I bumped into a sadistic Daddy dom that I casually met at the Queens munch hosted by GB. A small group of people, who the more seasoned pervs affectionately call “newbies”, were sitting at a long stretch of smaller tables pulled together and us “cool kids” were using up the bar service area to snack, drink, and chat. Eric being the gracious and social butterfly that he is, fluttered about between all the guests and welcomed all. Eric organized this little gathering (or one of his slave more likely did?) to be a precursor to a class on he was presenting for Sir Viktor of DomSubFriends at Paddles. Eric was presenting “Going Deeper: Connection and Creativity in Play and S&M”. I love DSF and am a big fan. You can hardly beat the quality of the presenters and variety of topics they bring to the community at an affordable cost. The charge is $4 for DSF members, $6 for affiliate members, and $10 for non-members. I didn’t attend Eric’s class, since I had to work later that night, but it was still good to see an old friend and get a hug.

I attended one workshop recently on hypnosis that was sponsored by the TES Hyponokink SIG. I met up with yet again another new friend I made at the Queens munch. It was a four hour workshop that included introductory material, a chance to separate and break into groups for those who wish to be hypnotized (bottoms) and those who wish to be doing the hypnosis (Tops), and some hands on practice.  For ease of discussion let’s call them Tops and bottoms. The bottoms circle was a good amount of talk about how to allow yourself or help yourself overcome obstacles that stop you from feeling successful at achieving trance state. The discussion was in depth and people shared a lot of personal experiences. It was definitely insightful. At the end we had about an hour where Tops and bottoms could pair up and try to do inductions with a large amount of experienced people on hand to help assist/guide and observe. Excellent job done by Mr. Dream and ZannyM of TES putting together a safe, fun, and educational event.

hand holdingFridates

My leather sister Stacey and I continue our on again off again Fridates throughout NYC. Most recently I dragged her around Brooklyn and lower Manhattan to look for fabric. While in Brooklyn we managed to stuff ourselves with chicken wings from my favorite Dallas BBQ in Brooklyn on Livingston Street. We wandered about lost in the Fashion District looking for fabric shops, but I went the wrong direction from Penn Station and instead of fabric we only passed a few fur shops and the Manahattan Mall.  Once our feet were tired enough we grabbed a cup of joe, held hands, and talked about community stuff, girl stuff, and future dreams. It’s always good to spend time with Stacey ❤


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