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A Worthy Quest: Catskill Bagel Company

August 12

After having read the primer about how to recognize a truly good bagel I knew I would have to go revisit my old bagel shop in the historic Ditmas Park neighborhood in Brooklyn. It’s the only place I even remotely recalled having a bagel with a blistering skin. I always liked the bagels here, so I got up early and planned to start my birthday with a fancy bagel. This is my second expedition on the search for a good bagel in NYC and I’m feeling hopeful. Here are my findings:

For consistency through my search, and since it is one of the types in the primer stated as being an acceptable choice, I ordered my favorite a Whole Wheat Everything Bagel. Also for consistency and because they are listed as acceptable smears to choose; I got one side with scallion cream cheese and the other with lox spread (and then I have the two sides squished together).

2015-08-12 08.14.261. First observation is the bagels here are a lot larger (in all ways) in size from the last place I reviewed. +1
2. They make these on site. +1
3. They boil them +1
4. They clerk asked me before he started to even move any direction if I wanted it toasted (he looked shocked because I said, “No.”, but that is because he knows me and it is a big deviation from what I normally say – which is “Toast it a bit on the dark side! —sshhh don’t judge!). +1
2015-08-12 08.14.495. They put both flavors on, but I think they charge an extra $1 (that is because the owner yelled at them once when she saw they weren’t charging extra, before that they didn’t used to) -0
6. They did not wrap the bagel before slicing it. -1
7. The bagel has small tears, stretching of the skin, and a couple places where smallish blisters are on the skin. I couldn’t see the other bagels too well to say if they did have blistered skin or not, but it didn’t look like it. The bagels are kept far away from the counter front. Either way my specific bagel did show some minor signs or blistering. +1

Overall I would say this place makes decent bagels, but I don’t think they hit it totally on the mark. Definitely above the average bagel though. One warning, I will say the owner is absolutely horrible. When I lived here I actually would look in through the window first to see if she was there and if she was I would turn around no matter how hungry I was. Her employees are top notch though. I give it up to her for hiring good employees and keeping a well run business. You know some people can be good at running a business, but not good with actual people.


Back to the Future

2015-08-24 19.22.40

One of the things I love about NYC is that there are so many fun and interesting things to do all year long in public spaces. The city parks, libraries, and museums all year long host a slew of activities that are free for city folk to quench their thirst for fun, educational, and cultural things to do. Last night in Bryant Park near mid-town Manhattan, was the last movie of the Summer Film Festival. Bryant Park is one of my favorite parks and I was very committed to making it to this last summer event with my friend Jenny. It was a great night, the weather was perfect with a cool breeze, no mosquitos, and the Bank America building changing colors once night fell made a nice back drop.

Jenny and I met over a year ago at the NY Female sub/slave Forum, and we made plans to meet up at the park around 6:15ish. I’ve made a few really good friends over the past couple of years from the few all female s-type groups here in the city. I was very happy to have Jenny’s company. We’re both single in the city and we’re near the same age, so Back to the Future is a classic 1980’s film for us. The obvious coolness is that we are now in the “future” travel date shown in the movie! One of the other dates shown in the movie is November 5, 1955 and I have a friend who was born on that date. Anyway the Great Lawn at Bryant Park was packed! Luckily I got there a little earlier than Jenny and even though we were too late to find space on the great lawn, I managed to grab us some chairs just to the side of the lawn. When Jenny got there we thought about trying to squeeze into a space on the lawn. Jenny is a native NY’er and I was going to send her to do the dirty work of getting us a space. We decided not to sit on the lawn though, because we wouldn’t have been able to lay down, worried our backs would end up hurting, so we thought it was better to sit in the chairs with a back rest. The chairs were a good idea, but the location not so much. It’s a learning experience, but the chairs we picked bordered the perimeter and were roped together and not movable. It turned out that directly in front of us was the walking path and we had to deal with people constantly walking in front of us and blocking the view. Jenny really had it with those people. I on the other hand was very annoyed by people stepping on my shoe and a couple times on my toes. At some point I got the brilliant idea to kick anyone who stepped on my toes. I started saying loudly to passerby’s, “If you step on my feet I’ll kick you!” Some guy not paying any attention did step on my foot and yes I kicked him. Okay other than that we had a great time… Well actually the kicking threats were a little fun and even the revenge kicks were a little fun too. Jenny put up with me although she definitely did not encourage me… The movie was great, the crowd cheered, laughed, and roared!

I love NY.


A Worthy Quest

I nice jewish girl I know shared “The Good Bagel Manifesto” on Facebook. If you like eating bagels please read this. All these years I had no idea what to look for in a truly good bagel. Now that I know better, I do better.  A great motto for anyone who likes to provide service. So, this is how I began my quest to find a good bagel in NYC. Continue reading

Pride Isn’t What Comes Before The Fall

This has some good points to consider and I agree with 99% of it. I read it all the way through and then got a big smile at the end. There is this picture of a “Share Your Success” leaderboard image and one of the successes made me think, “How wonderful that she felt she could write that openly…” Congratulations Liliya, Washington State Ms Leather 2015!

Just Alyssa

@Celia.Huddart, doing what she does, working hard and having fun. @Celia.Huddart, doing what she does, working hard and having fun.

My daughter and I were driving to one of many appointments that surround her blossoming weightlifting career. We have an early A.R.T. appointment, then a massage, then she has to go work out. Her pursuit of a spot on Team USA is a job. For both of us. It never occurred to me that I might be raising a future Olympian. I never would have even tried for that. It came to us – which, I now know, is how it happens. They find you, not the other way around. They’re like a sporting spy agency, and they have secret agents everywhere. But, that’s not the point.

We do all this because we truly believe that she’s good enough to have a shot. She, more than me even, believes that she can and will make “The Team.”

We were talking…

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Philadelphia Women’s Leather Bar Night

WLBN PhillyI visited Philadelphia last night for a Women’s Leather Bar Night. It was my first time visiting Philly and a first chance to get some face time with very active leather women in my region. I haven’t been to a leather women’s bar night since back in Florida when Peggy O ran Dykes n Dolls maybe in the early 2000’s. There aren’t a whole lot of good events scheduled on Fridays, so I was very excited when I saw this posted. I always have Fridays off, so right away I blocked this date out on my calendar and began to plan on how t get there. It’s rather simple and inexpensive to hop on a bus and travel from NY to Philadelphia for a few hours and ride back the same night. So, I took advantage of this great opportunity to visit a different city, meet leather women, have a few drinks and be on the receiving end of the bootblack stand. Continue reading

WILL 2015: “A Happy Coincidence”

WILL banner

I recently ran for a Women’s Leather Contest and title and I want to record my experiences and thoughts. I want everyone to think about that simple sentence. How many of you are recording your experiences? It is upon each of us to do our due diligence and preserve our personal histories. I hope you will think about embarking on saving your mementos, images, and stories that have been part of your leather journey.

My running for this title was all a happy coincidence… I smile when I say that as I reflect on Ms. Diana telling me as I interviewed her,

“How I got involved in BDSM was all a happy coincidence.”

Sometimes, because I have held a title and now because I have run for second title, people ask me about what titles and contests are all about and how do they work? There are many ways to answer that. Each title has its own purpose and reason. Continue reading