The Way of Karida

I am a single woman living in NYC. A curvy Latina on a journey living and exploring the world of hierarchical relationships, Dominance/submission, Master/slave, Daddy/girl, Leather, fetishes, BDSM clubs & groups, plus all other things, places, and people involving kinky fuckery.

I’ve been exploring this kinky subculture since I was 28 and living in South Florida. I am a girl, a bootblack, and leather girl, little letter person, bondage lover, a title holder, a presenter, recorder of our leather histories, a volunteer, and many other things. Like many of you I read, write, cook, clean, serve, work, play, tire, love, laugh, cry and bleed. I have a heart of leather and steel.

I’ve been living in NYC since the end of November 2012 and actively involved in the not so underground BDSM and leather scene. I am a member of TES (The Eulenspiegel Society) the oldest BDSM support group in the USA, SSASE (Soft Smiles and Submissive Education), and of MAsT (Masters and slaves Together). I am part of the Feel Me Breathe family in the Hudson Valley. I also regularly attend the NY Female Submissive/slave Forum, the Smut club, and proud organizer of Little Scouts NYC Troop 212. I am the NY Metro Power Exchange 2013 representative and the International Power Exchange (IPE) 2013 titlist (with Guy S.). I have presented or co-presented at Brimstone, BOLD, Beyond Leather, Feel Me Breathe, SSASE, TES, and the BDSM Writers Con. I’m also honored to be invited to judge the NE Power Exchange 2015 Contest and the International Power Exchange 2015 Contest. Prior to moving to NY I was experimenting privately and then publically with BDSM & Leather in south Florida, since the 1990’s. I was a member of an organization called S.P.I.C.E, Dyke’s n’ Dolls, SILK, Shibari South Florida, WiOP (Whips in Oakland Park), South Florida Community 10, and last but not least my home away from home is with W.O.L.F. (Women of Leather Florida).

This blog is for the novice, the curious, and the experienced. I am looking to share with and learn from others. Please join me in my journey…

“I am the Bad Wolf. I create myself. I take the words. I scatter them… in time, and space. A message to lead myself here.” ~ Rose Tyler

My Credo 2014

This is my Credo*. It’s a personal inventory of what I believe, how I feel, and things that have internal meaning to me today. My fundamental beliefs and guiding principles. I started writing a yearly Credo in 2009. Now & then, as time passed, I added, adapted, or deleted parts of My Credo. Today is my birthday. Here is my 2014 revision…

I believe in love.

I believe love is wishing others happiness. To everyone I was once very close to and feels that maybe I left them behind, I want them to know that although we have gone down different paths, in my heart I wish you happiness. I still love you all, just differently.

I believe I can love, I can lose love, and still want to risk doing it again.

I believe in the power of vulnerability. That my vulnerability is beautiful.

I believe in living courageously. Being whole hearted.

I believe you can never say I love you too much. I love you doesn’t depreciate in value when it’s sincere.

I believe in taking risks.

I believe in having dreams and following them. I believe in your dreams too.

I believe in hope, especially when it all feels hopeless.

I believe in dancing, in a crowd, or alone, when no one is looking.

I believe in continually learning and growing throughout my life.

I believe in openly admitting human frailty, flaws, mistakes.

I believe in forgiveness. It’ s not altruistic, we do it to heal ourselves.

I believe in offering and accepting a sincere apology. Making amends, keeping promises.

I believe in taking small steps and getting up, brushing yourself off, when you fall down.

I believe that character is greater than reputation.

I believe in honoring my feelings.

I believe there is a place for sadness, sorrow, grief, and anger in our lives and that it is healthy to allow myself go through the process of those emotions when events cause those feelings to come in my life.

I believe in holding hands when we cross the road, stopping and looking both ways before we cross a path, and that in general sticking together is safer.

I believe in taking afternoon naps, because sometimes we get tired. And yes it is okay to rest. Being time efficient, multi-tasking, and staying busy all the time is over rated. Sometimes it’s nice to just do nothing.

I believe in hugs.

I believe we are never too old to let our mothers hold us when we want to cry.

I believe in quietness. In slowing things down and focusing on me. Not losing site or sense of myself. Letting myself be a priority.

I believe in music, in singing out loud when you can’t carry a note, in listening to the music in my heart, and the melody in my head.

I believe in listening to country songs when my heart is blue.

I believe people can change, and we do change, just not always the way we want, plan, or expect.

I believe sometimes less is more. And sometimes less is just less.

I believe in asking hard questions, even when the answer may not be one we want to hear.

I believe that trust is sacred.

I believe in living authentically.

I believe in goals and having a plan. Being flexible, adaptable, and spontaneous.

I believe I can make a difference.

I believe in saying please and thank you, telling people you appreciate who they are and what they do, and returning a kindness. Pay it forward.

I believe it’s harder to receive than to give.

I believe giving a gift Just Because (c) you thought of them on any given day of the year is better than getting a gift on a memorialized event or day from our societies standard recognized holidays/special days.

I believe in keeping my mind and body strong. In cooking healthy. In treating myself to a delicious cup of coffee when I want it, a sumptuous desert as a treat, and my favorite frozen margarita on occasion. In keeping my body in motion.

I believe I am beautiful, strong, worthy of being loved, and deserving of happiness. I’m special, unique, and an amazing woman.

I believe in myself. I can do anything I want if I put my mind to it.

I believe I am enough.

I believe in you.

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