Leather Voices

I am proud to say this project is currently underway, recordings have begun, and I look forward to sharing what develops. During my International Power Exchange 2013 title year I had a vision of recording  and producing a “NYC BDSM & Leather History” panel as a fund raiser to complete the title year travel obligations. There were skeptics wondering if anyone would come out, would anyone care, did anyone want to listen? The NYC BDSM/Leather History panel was welcomed with open arms and people were not only hungry to hear about history, they asked for more. Leather Voices is born from a desire to give back to those who will open their ears and hearts.

This project is a mission to record and preserve individual oral histories and memory circles of small groups and families living in NYC and its nearby surrounding neighbors. The intense focus being on preserving voices from the Leather diaspora.

The vision of Leather Voices is to present the Leather Community in a positive light and preserve oral histories & memory circles for the public.


5 thoughts on “Leather Voices

  1. Wishing you success on your project. We need to make sure that we don’t lose our Leather history and that we honor those who came before us.
    Lady Sabrina

    • You can help me by sitting down for an interview Lady Sabrina ❤ Wish Goddess Roze was here so I could do a memory circle with you, her, and Sir Raven! Maybe if Roze comes to NY for a visit 🙂

  2. I did not know you were doing this. There are many you should talk to. I have had thoughts of doing a physical archive for some time now. I am thrilled to see this project afoot. Much success!!

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