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It feels like I’ve been hiking my whole life, yet very little of that has happened in the tradition place most people imagine when they hear that word. Last weekend my girlfriend, my lover, my hot butch leather Daddy went hiking in the woods, the traditional way. And I was in the city lamenting that I was not able to take in the changing color of autumn leaves by her side. The following day I had an epiphany about hiking and stopped my lamentations and replaced it with gratitude.

broadwaycamelwebI have lived my life in the concrete jungles of the world. The modern cities of our world, sometimes grimy, unpleasant,  and challenging. There is a lot of hiking that happens in these cities and thankfully not all of it is tough and hard, but some of it is brilliant, vibrant, and inspiring. On Sunday Daddy and I were in the city exploring, on a mission to find body jewelry that met both our satisfaction.  Walking north on Broadway we came across an exhibit with displays spaced out over many blocks. I stop at the first one not knowing there would be more and like a tourist or an unabashed New Yorker I rush up and ask her to take a picture. As we kept moving up Broadway I would find a new figure, color, design, pattern to fall in love with more than the previous one. As we walk along I  say to my Daddy, “This is why I love this city. Every day is an opportunity for a new adventure.” I may miss the colors of the autumn leaves changing, but the city gave me her own vibrant, unique changing of colors as we hiked along her concrete paths.

This morning I am reminded of other hikes, the type most don’t think about and the kind most people usually don’t share stories about. The hikes where one must lift them self up, find the strength to move one step forward, face everything and rise. I think of times we cross paths with others  and then we show who we are… will you hoist another up? Will you share your water, give them your shoulder to lean on, or carry them the distance when they struggle?  These are the long hard hikes, where perseverance, determination, and loyalty are born. These are the hikes where character forms. Who are you and who will you become?


Service and the value of property

Today I plan to go to the Brooklyn Public Library and participate in the Plaza Swing Series. They are offering a free mambo dance class and I get to listen to Orlando Marin, the last of the great mambo kings of NYC. Often enough in D/s, M/s, and O/p relationships we hear the question asked about what a submissive or slave brings to the table. I offer as food for thought, that by learning to dance, by opening my ears to hear and experience Orlando Merin’s music, I am increasing my value.

I’ve often heard people focus on things like administrative skills, bootblacking, cooking, cooking specialized diets, domestic and household maintenance, and clearly those are all valuable skills sets, but I desire to belong to someone who wants more from me. Can I do those things listed? Frankly, yes. I feel I should be in constant growth in all areas, so as to be a well-rounded person. I constantly search to enrich myself culturally, through music, theatre, dance, sports, current affairs for example. And I believe that adds to my value as someone’s potential property.

I carried on this topic for a short while with my sister jade and I asked her why she thought that people more often associate our value to things along the line of labor type tasks. She discussed with me the general influence of historical slavery, specifically Roman, Asian, and the geisha which she has studied. One can fairly easily search for information to substantiate the economic value and need for slaves to the state on past eras. Jade, being the wonderful sister that she is, pointed out to me that slaves that were educated and had artistic skills were of great value and added to the prestige of the owner’s household.

Last year I recall receiving a notification from the MAsT NY men’s only group about a toga party that had a discussion topic of Roman slave history and of course a lesson on the proper way to tie a toga… 😀 Perhaps my friend boy kevin will help me out and find the presenter for our MAsT Metro NY group. I will reach out to him and see what more information I can get on this topic. I plan to revisit this topic of Service, and Value of property in the future when I have gotten a chance to do some research.

For now, I am off to dance mambo, and listen to Orlando Marin, The Last Mambo King of NYC.

A Girl with a Pearl Earring



My best friend, my little sister, my leather sister, is an owned slave and her name is jade. I helped my little sister celebrate her special day by doing something on her bucket list. I took her to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in Manhattan. I had told jade some time ago that the Met had special programs for people with disabilities, including one for visually impaired that included a touch tour. If you haven’t figured it out yet, jade is legally blind. She called and arranged a guided touch tour in advance. Jade was so excited to be able to touch the exhibit pieces and “see” them with her hands. She is the best friend I have had in decades, so for me to be able to take her to the museum, something that has been on her bucket list since arriving in New York, meant as much to me as it did to her.

When we go places I have grown somewhat accustomed to aiding her to see by giving visual descriptions. In my excitement to share the Met with her I wanted to describe everything to her. The guide gently asked me to let jade try to describe to us what she was seeing. I understood immediately. So, I took a step back, held jade’s walking stick and I shut up. I watched and listened. Seeing jade and listening to her experience the art filled me with emotion, I started to cry. I love her so much and it was joy that brought me tears. It’s amazing what we learn about ourselves and others if we stay silent.

My sister is a little girl and I am a girl. The fine differences between those two is a topic for another day, but briefly jade is younger in manner and as I hear it from a certain source, I am a teenager. So us girls finished our day visiting two gift shops in the museum. Once in the second and larger gift shop, I spend the first 5 in minutes repeatedly touching, picking up items, and proclaiming, “Oh this is so pretty!” After approximately the 25th item I realize and share with jade, that I apparently think everything is “so pretty!” this is what happens when you let two girls in a place with so many sparkly and shiny items. We have a nice laugh and continue to move through the shop until we enter the book section. Jade had already bought herself new black pearl earrings in the first gift shop, but now in the book section of the second large gift shop I see my birthday photo op! I shout for jade in all my excitement to “Come here! Come here! I found the perfect book! Here hold this… look to the right, head down, don’t smile too much!” I love that she indulges my quest for capturing Kodak and kinky Kodak type moments. I take the picture to commemorate the day. It just seems so perfect, a girl with a pearl earring. My day is complete and I feel very artsy 😀